CIO Services

In many cases, the client may be a company that cannot afford a C level executive for IT, typically the CFO is overseeing an IT manager. The CFO doesn’t understand IT, just knows he is spending a ton of money, and s/he worries that it isn’t money well spent.

A Virtual CIO (vCIO), also known as a Fractional CIO, allows a company to have CIO resources and experience for a fraction of the cost the company can afford. It also allows an independent third party to advise that CFO or CEO on IT direction and investment, outside of the IT manager who is delivering the services.

The client may be a company that has a CIO who is transitioning, be it retirement or moving to a new position in the company or another company. CIO services allow the company to perform due diligence in recruiting/vetting a new CIO as the interim CIO continues to oversee IT.

The client may be a company that has an existing CIO who has been challenged. CIO Services can step in to assist, survey, and make recommendations to senior management, independent recommendations outside of the internal company politics, interviewing senior management, IT staff, and clients of the IT organization. What is working? What is broken? What is the strategy? How effective has the IT investment been? What is the working relationship of the IT organization? How is the IT organization addressing challenges? Updating technology? Critical issues such as security, disaster recovery?

CIO services include:

  • Develop IT Roadmap/Plans
  • Focus on Business Goals
  • Budget
  • Expertise
  • Projected Growth
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Reduce Risk
  • Increase Productivity
  • Strategic Investment